We believe in giving the children the opportunity to learn and understand the very unique Central Otago environment in which they live.

Adventurers’ is an environmental programme where our ten oldest children head out every Thursday afternoon to explore nature at its best, whether it be in the Graffalo’s forest or down by the lake.  Being out in all weathers the children experience the changing seasons and learn about some of the unique features of the land which surrounds us.

Our aim is to foster a love and awareness of nature while providing the children with the freedom to explore and experience peace, quiet, thinking and problem solving using their senses of hearing, touch, smell and sight.  We help them to develop respect and a sense of responsibility for the well-being of both the living and the non-living environment.

The children are encouraged to be active explorers – to take calculated risks and to work as a team, caring and looking out for each other – “you see me, I see you”. In line with our philosophy, we encourage our parents/whanau to join us on our ‘adventures’.