To ensure that all records of fees charged and payments made, as well as enrolment and attendance information are up to date and accessible at all times. 




  • Cromwell Early Learning Centre will have its Fees Schedule available at all times for parents/caregivers, Ministry of Education, Licence holder, Parent Committee, all employees and the Board of Trustees.

  • Fees will also be included in the parent induction booklet for parents/caregivers on enrolment.

  • Fees are invoiced once a month – you are able to select the frequency of payments that best suits your needs and help keep on top of your account.

  • Children over 3 are able to claim 20 ECE hours – you can claim up to 6 hours per day and 20 hours in total across a week.

  • 2 weeks’ notice of a child leaving or changing sessions is expected.  Fees will be charged for this time.

  • The fee rate above 20 ECE hours is $4 per hour.

  • When applying for a WINZ subsidy fees will be deducted in full until the subsidy payments have commenced. If backdated, a credit will be held on the child’s account until further fees need to be deducted.

  • Parents/ caregivers will be charged the full fee for any time their child/children is/are booked with the exception of when Cromwell Early Learning Centre is closed due to holiday breaks over the 3 week shut down period at Christmas.

  • CELCI is a cashless centre. Fees will be deducted from your nominated bank account paid via automatic payment or direct credit into the nominated bank account of Cromwell Early Learning Centre.

  • There is a late fee of $1 per minute if parents/caregivers have not collected their child/children by the end of their booked session. This is to pay staff for overtime that they may have had to work.

  • Fee increases are decided at an AGM meeting – parents will be given 1 month’s written notice of any increase.

  • If fees remain unpaid the following action will occur:

    1. Parents/caregivers will be receive a phone call or e-mail. Prompt payment must be received within 5 working days of receiving this notification.

    2. If payment is not received it will result in the child concerned losing their booking.

    3. In the case of having to recover money through a debt collection agency, the person responsible for the bill will incur the fee of the collection charged.



Regulations that Guide this Policy:

Reg. 47 (GMA3) ECE 2008  


Approval Date                         March 2018

Review Date:                          July 2018